Scott Amyx interviewed Dr. Aslı Samancı, CEO of BEE&YOU

In the interview, Dr. Asli Samanci talked about how and why she built her company. She explained how her son’s illness paved the way to produce propolis and royal jelly. In addition, she talked about the benefits of propolis and our awarded & patented extraction method that allows propolis to preserve the antibacterial, antiviral, and antioxidant effects. She continued explaining how she formed a sustainable beekeeping model aka “Contracted Beekeeping Business Model” and how this model contributes to the bees, environment, and beekeepers. Last but not least she discussed how BEE&YOU delivers all-natural products free of any additives, GMO, Gluten, pesticide, colorants, or preservatives.


We would like to thank Scott Amyx for having Asli Samanci on his channel and giving her the platform to raise awareness about the benefits of bee products, nature and science.