The Effect of Propolis on Wound Healing

The Effect of Propolis on Wound Healing

Effect of Topical Propolis on Wound Healing Process After Tonsillectomy: Randomized Controlled Study

Research carried out in Dankook University College of Medicine, Cheonan, Korea, in 2018 investigated the beneficial effects of water-soluble ethanol extract propolis on the post-tonsillectomy patient. The clinical trial involved 130 patients who underwent tonsillectomy or adenotonsillectomy. The subjects were randomly divided into the control and propolis groups, each including 65 patients. The propolis group was administered orally immediately after surgery using topical propolis gel on bilateral tonsil fossae immediately after the tonsillectomy procedure and by gargle (10 drops in 150 ml water). The results showed significantly less post-tonsillectomy pain and hemorrhage in the propolis group. In addition, the wound healing was significantly better in the propolis group. The authors concluded that applying the propolis to the post-tonsillectomy wound has beneficial effects in reducing postoperative pain, preventing hemorrhage, and accelerating wound healing of tonsillar fossae.*

*Moon, J.H., Lee, M.Y., Chung, Y.J., Rhee, C.K. and Lee, S.J., 2018. Effect of topical propolis on the wound healing process after tonsillectomy: randomized controlled study. Clinical and experimental otorhinolaryngology, 11(2), p.146.