Covid-19 and Anatolian Propolis: A Case Report

Covid-19 And Anatolian Propolis: A Case Report

Anatolian Propolis presented a remarkable healing effect according to the "COVID-19 AND ANATOLIA PROPOLIS: A CASE REPORT" published in Acta Medica Mediterranea in April 2021. A COVID-19 patient who did not respond to the medical treatment was accepted as a hopeless case. Following the diagnosis, the patient was first treated at home with the administration of medicine. However, the patient was hospitalized when the conditions were out of control, and the symptoms worsened. Despite the administration of all medical procedures at the Intensive Care Unit, there was no recovery. As a final treatment, the patient was administered 80 drops of an extract containing 30% pure Anatolian propolis daily as an adjuvant to his therapy. Following the administration of Anatolian propolis, there was a rapid recovery starting from the 3rd day. The patient was removed from the intensive care unit and ventilation on the 7th day. The patient was discharged three days later from the hospital. The health check after one month revealed that blood parameters normalized and abnormal radiological findings in Thorax CT completely regressed. The patient had no complaints except for shortness of breath (forced exertional dyspnea). The author suggested that Anatolian propolis be added to the existing treatment protocol in patients diagnosed with COVID, considering its easy application, safety, and low cost.*

*Duygu Zorlu. Covid-19 And Anatolian Propolis: A Case Report. Acta Medica Mediterranea, 2021, 37: 1229. DOI:10.19193 / 0393-6384_2021_2_1.