Anti-diabetic Activity of Anatolian Propolis

In vivo and in vitro anti-diabetic activity of ethanolic propolis extract

Research carried out at Giresun University, Turkey, investigated the anti-diabetic activity of ethanolic Anatolian propolis extract in rats. The animals were divided into four groups of five rats each; -First group as control -Second group involved diabetic rats received either 30% or 15% propolis extract -Propolis was administered at 0.5 ml/100 g for four weeks. The results obtained showed that the higher concentration (30%) of ethanolic propolis extract exhibited excellent potential anti-diabetic activity by reducing blood sugar levels in the diabetic group. Furthermore, compared to the diabetic rat group, this extract exhibited a promising effect on the propolis-treated groups' pancreatic, hepatic, and renal tissues. The authors proposed that propolis is a remarkable natural product with clinical potential in treating diabetic disease.* *El Adaouia Taleb, R., Djebli, N., Chenini, H., Sahin, H. and Kolayli, S. (2020). In vivo and in vitro antidiabetic activity of ethanolic propolis extract. Journal of Food Biochemistry