Stacy Tilton Reviews

BEE & YOU products (Royal Jelly, Propolis, Pure Raw Honey, Bee Pollen Granules) are antiviral, antibacterial and they are natural energy boosters.

They are effective in fighting allergy symptoms naturally and they offer immune support (prevention during flu and cold season). They are also 100% natural, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Pesticide Free, as well as free from additives, colorants, and preservatives products. 

BEE & YOU products have innovative taste options for kids and adults. Also, they save the bees by contracting the bee keepers! The Founder is a female scientist who cured her son's disease with her research and BEE & YOU products she developed.They even have a Royal Jelly raw honey and propolis lip balm which is edible. Now that's a lip balm everyone will love!


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