Brightside Global Trade Journal, September 9th 2019

Brightside Interview with CEO and Founder Asli Elif Tanugur Samanci


BGTJ: It is a honor and delight to talk to one of the biggest advocate of beekeepers, BEE&YOU and we see so much passion buzzing around your brand. Tell us more.


Asli Elif Tanugur Samanci , BEE&YOU: Yes we are on a mission to make propolis a consistent product harvested from all the beehives available in the world and introduce the natural healing power of Anatolian propolis to the world.


BGTJ: To save our bees and to put the honey to heal is priceless. What was the motivation behind the brand.


Asli Elif Tanugur Samanci, BEE&YOU: We were inspired by healing my own son, Samanci and today we are proud to help both kids and adults with propolis launched US health and wellness


BGTJ: How does this work ?


Asli Elif Tanugur Samanci, BEE&YOU: Simply put these are antiviral, antibacterial and they are natural energy boosters. They are effective in fighting allergy symptoms naturally and they support the immune system. They are 100% natural; Gluten Free; Non-GMO; Pesticide Free; Free from additives & colorants & preservatives. Bee and you products have innovative taste options for kids and adults.


BGTJ: What products are currently on the market and where can our readers find these ?


Asli Elif Tanugur Samanci, BEE&YOU: Since we founded BEE & YOU in 2013, we have been honored with 28 awards in the last 6 years with its innovative, natural and healthy line of bee products. Today BEE & YOU products are on sale at 3000 CVSonline and physical stores nationally and at Company’s website along with Amazonand in addition to the 3500 retail outlets in the United States, BEE &YOU is also sold globally in South Korea, Germany, France, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Turkey, the UK, Qatar, Dubai and Cyprus. Currently we have launched US health and wellness sector propolis for kids, Royal jelly Bee Pollen Propolis Chewable Tables , Propolis Raw Honey Cough Syrup- Alcohol free- among her others Raw honey, Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen, Honey with Propolis and nuts natural energy mix, edible lip balms made out of Propolis, Raw Honey and throat sprays, nasal sprays made out of Pure Propolis & raw honey, propolis for kids, Royal jelly Bee Pollen Propolis Chewable Tables these are only some of the pure, natural products the Company offers


BGTJ: What are some of your biggest challenges at this point and where do you want to take the brand


Asli Elif Tanugur Samanci, BEE&YOU:  Our number one concern is to protect the bees and bee keepers’ rights and safety we do this through the implementation of a unique “Contract Based Beekeeping Model” This business model allows the production agreements signed directly by the beekeepers without the middlemen or distributors.


BGTJ: Well thank you for enlightening us on the wonderful work you and for saving our bees and beekeepers. We wish you every success with your ventures.


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