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Women have always been asking about the benefits of propolis for skin care. The use of propolis goes back to at least 300 BC. Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Romans used propolis for healing, skin beautification, and embalming (think pharaohs). Most of us are aware that propolis is linked to bees. But what are the main features and benefits of this ingredient that is surrounded with so much buzz?


What Is Bee Propolis?


Propolis as a chemical compound comes from bees. To truly and wholeheartedly embrace this bee product, you need to know that the origin of it is plant-based. To be precise, tree-based.


Trees have populated the planet Earth for thousands of years. There are still a few of the most ancient trees living in the Basin National park. They are the grace and the beauty exuding the power of life. During such a long evolutionary period, the trees have developed one of the most potent mechanism of protecting themselves from outside intruders like insects, viruses, bacteria, and pollution.


This  pre-propolis mechanism consists of plant phenol chemicals and bioflavonoids. The bees collect tree secretions of sap and resin. By processing them through their unique bodies and adding beeswax to the mixture, we get one of the most unique end-products ever – propolis.


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