Our Mission to Save the Bees
Our Mission to Save the Bees

Our Mission to Save the Bees


BEE&YOU embraces a unique model of beekeping called Contracted Beekeeping.Each and every beekeeper who’s willing to partner with us has to agree to follow strict standards such as never using sugar or derivatives as a feed and placing their hives certain distances away from industrial sites. In return Bee&You promises to purchase their entire harvest, at a fair rate. The products are then double checked for their purity, biological activity and quality in our labs by a team of professional food scientists and chemists.

By imposing this contract, we make sure that our honeybees are healthy, treated without cruelty and away from harmful toxins and chemicals. It also gives us full traceability and transparency over our raw materials and products, where they came from, who harvested them and under what conditions they are produced.


Sustainability is another key practice at BEE&YOU. As beekeepers ourselves, we fully understand the importance of honey bees, their role in natural pollination and how crucial it is to keep them alive and thriving for the health of our ecosystem. That’s why we always agree to pay fair prices to our beekeepers for their harvest, so they treat their bees humanely and don’t have to resort to animal cruelty for financial gains. We only work with beekeepers who strictly follow the rules and use the best practices for the sustainability of the bees.

Giving Back to Our Community

From each BEE&YOU purchase, we make a donation to our community of beekepers, in the form of new tools and equipments. This not only creates a further incentive for them to prefer us as their customers but also gives them an extra financial support to keep the traditional beekeeping practices alive and treat their fairly. It’s a triple win scenario where both us, the beekeepers and the bees benefits.