Cold & Flu Pack

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    Certified Propolis Sustainable Beekeeping Project Raw and Real Non GMO Pesticide Free
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    Cold & Flu Pack

    Royal Jelly Propolis Bee Pollen tabs (Ultra Strength) - 1 month supply

    - 30 ml Propolis Raw Honey Throat Spray

    - 30 ml Propolis Raw Honey Nasal Spray

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    Protect yourself from cold & flu! BEE&YOU cold&flu pack is high in functional antioxidants and supports your immune system naturaly.

    BEE&YOU Royal Jelly + Bee Pollen + Propolis Tablets (Ultra Strength) is rich in highly bio-available antioxidants and great for immune support, energy metabolism and anti-aging. Keep it by your side during the cold & flu season or when you need an extra immune boost. 100% Natural and free of GMO’s, chemicals, artificial colors, gluten and soy.

    BEE&YOU Propolis Raw Honey Throat Spray is processed by a team of experts using state of the art technology, knowledge, equipment and technique to ensure all polyphenols, terpenoids, amino acids, volatile organic acids, ketones, coumarin, quinones, vitamins and minerals are preserved during processing. Our Propolis Throat Spray contains no alcohol!

    BEE&YOU Propolis Nasal Spray helps to clean and unblock the nose, clear and release the congested nasal mucosa.


    Customer Reviews
      • karmen

        This is a godsend bundle of amazing bee products! It certainly boosted my immunity and improved my sinuses. Would highly recommend to anyone who needs something a little extra these days

      • georgia

        do yourself a favor and get this pack. it did wonderful things for my immune tem and couldn’t be happier with it.

      • geraldine

        If there ever was a time to get a cold & flu pack, it is now.. Wonderful sprays and tablet, 10/10

      • betina

        Easy to use, fast shipment, can’t complain, everything about this was great

      • kenneth

        These are the strongest stuff I have found so far to protect yourself against sickness. Made it a daily habit and have been using it everyday since!

      • kimberly0

        BOOOM! This is the thing you never knew you needed it. Absolutely amazing product especially loving the nasal spray

      • reneeny

        the best thing you can do to yourself for colds is to use this package

      • summerlove

        i cant wait to try all of these natural products. we want more campaigns.

      • laetitia

        I find bee and you products natural. I consume with confidence

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