Health Benefits and Propolis Honey


Throughout the years, propolis is included in many products. Propolis honey is the mixture of bee propolis with honey. Normally, a small amount of propolis may be found in some kinds of honey. It is full of antioxidants and enzymes to support health. However, regular honey is naturally made by honeybees using the nectar of flowering plants and usually does not include the same amount of propolis as propolis honey. There are two vital things in the process of collecting honey. One of them is the region of the plants and the season of the harvesting. The other one is the professionality of the beekeepers. In order to collect quality honey, those factors should be considered.

Health Benefits of Propolis Honey

Propolis honey can be used to enhance the immune system, reduce the symptoms of a cold such as sore and scratchy throat. It is also good to use propolis honey to make the wounds heal faster, prevent infections and protect the body’s natural blood sugar level. As propolis has natural healing properties, it is good for bacterial infections, inflammation and speeds up the process of healing wounds. The health benefits of propolis honey can be also seen for non-edible products.  As it soothes redness and moisturizes, it can be considered a natural skincare product.

Is It Safe to Eat Propolis Honey?

As it is valid for each bee product, one who has allergies should consult a doctor before using bee products. But if we were to answer, is it safe to eat propolis honey?, we can say yes. It is even beneficial to consume propolis honey. Besides its health benefits, it is now easy to reach. Also, you can use it just like normal honey. The only difference would be the nutrition values.