Honey Wildflower


Wildflower can be found in forests, fields or high lands and bees make honey using those flowers. Its taste may vary according to the season and place it’s been collected. The reason for that is, as the season changes, so as the types of wildflowers. Its color is usually yellow or light brown. This organic honey contains several minerals, vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants. Honey wildflower could make a good alternative to sugar as a sweetener. The best place to get that product would be local producers or a place where a sustainable process is going on with contracted beekeepers. Also, when it is stored with care, it can stay good for years.

Difference Between Regular Honey and Wildflower Honey

The main difference between regular honey and wildflower honey is the processing system. Regular honey has exposed to heat which harms the nutrients in the honey while wildflower honey is served raw and unfiltered. As there are no additives or preservatives, wildflower honey is considered to be healthier. Besides, regular honey mainly consists of sugar syrups while honey wildflower is collected from nature and all the ingredients are non-processed.  

Honey Wildflower and Benefits for Skin

As honey wildflower has a special compound, it is known as a natural fighter for seasonal allergies. Nowadays, honey wildflower and its benefits for skin is a concept that's been talked about. Lots of skin products contain honey. Honey wildflower helps soothe hormonal skin problems, moisturizes dry skin, helps get rid of scarring and burns, good for blemish-prone skin. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles. It can be found in many different products such as make-up cleansing water, face toners, enhancing serums and moisturizing creams. Those products are produced organically and do not contain paraben, sulfate or silicone.