What is Bee Propolis?


Bee propolis is made out of resin-like material that bees make yet it can be simplified by saying it has tree and vegetable resins, beeswax and pollen in it. It is naturally created to maintain a sterile environment for the beehive. It is high in antioxidants and has antifungal and antiviral properties. As bee propolis is one of the most important components of bee products, its production process for humans is very important.

Effects of Bee Propolis

Bee propolis has lots of benefits for nature and living creatures thanks to its matter. It is good for healing wounds, oral hygiene, inflammation, cold sores, controlling blood sugar. It boosts the immune system. However, the effects of bee propolis may vary according to different bodies. As mentioned earlier bee propolis contains various compounds and because of that, it should be used carefully. Besides its numerous benefits, it can also trigger allergic symptoms. Before using bee propolis, it would be best to know if you have any allergies to any kind of bee product or not.

How to Use Bee Propolis

For ages bee propolis is used for medical purposes. Lots of product is made using propolis. Oral sprays, nasal sprays, capsules, bee propolis infused creams and so on. There are also different doses of bee propolis usage according to the product. For example, it is recommended that if you’re taking propolis orally (pills, tablets) you should check your diabetic activities or if you apply it to the skin within creams or ointments, you should check your allergies. For direct use from the mouth, bee propolis should be diluted by water. After gargling the mixture, it should be taken out. A reasonable amount of bee propolis is always beneficial. You can easily consult an assistant about how to use bee propolis.