Our Stories

Life flows at the same place and ton just like a swing rocking back and forth. It just switches to a different rhythm occasionally. Sometimes it speeds up and sometimes it slows down...

And our story started when we intentionally got off that swing...

The belief of one of ours changed the direction of all of us.



I graduated from the Department of Food Engineering of Istanbul Technical University. I worked for many years as the R&D and quality director at one of the leading companies of the honey products industry. Thus, throughout my professional career I’ve been both the creator and leader of numerous research initiatives and projects related to honey products.

And during that period I was struggling with a major problem. I had a 5-year-old son who would run a temperature every few months and because I had given him antibiotics each time this happened, he had developed allergies for antibiotics. A physician I found after a long search told me that the only cure is to improve his immune system. So I started looking for natural ways of improving his immune system. And I came across propolis and royal jelly in numerous literatures I scanned. Royal jelly contains numerous proteins, carbohydrates, oils and vitamins. And propolis is a natural bee product that bees gather from plant stems, leaves and buds and has powerful anti-bacterial and antioxidant effects. Bees use it to kill germs inside the hive and to keep the bee colony healthy. And I was planning to use it both royal jelly and propolis to protect my child’s health.

And I think this was my biggest hope in life. While I was so happy with the idea that my son would regain his health, I had no time to waste before I accessed propolis. Honey is the most well known and most consumed bee product. And I had been in the honey industry for many years. So I instantly contacted some honey producers I had already known and I asked them to produce royal jelly, which they had not produced before, and propolis, which they previously scraped off the hive and threw away. Because propolis isn’t edible in its original form it had to go through extraction. After I started giving royal jelly and propolis to my son, the result I saw was amazing. I was giving him either just propolis, or propolis and honey mixture or royal jelly, honey and propolis mixture and my son hadn’t become sick for months. It was like a dream for me and seeing this dream come true filled me with joy of life again. Based on this experience, I started giving these products on a regular basis to my second child starting from the age of 1 and I’m still giving them to both of my children on a daily basis…


Of course this wasn’t the end of my journey with propolis. My story got spread around first among my friends and family and then among other people through them. So I decided to help people experiencing similar problems in finding natural and healthy bee products. I saw that there was a big need for such a product. In order to help other people who weren’t as lucky as I was, I had to first convince Taylan Samanci who had been my colleague for many years and my instructor Prof. Dr. Dilek Boyacioglu from Istanbul Technical University. I knew I wouldn’t have the courage to start this journey without them. And when I had managed to convince them, all of us were at the start of a new direction in our lives. It’s been around 3 years now. And now we’re receiving e-mails and phone calls from people with stories similar to mine. And these make me so happy. Landing a helping help for people and changing their lives like this, it’s so precious for me.


My major at the university was apiculture and zoo technics. And at the honey products company I joined a few years after my graduation, I worked as Project Team Leader for many years. And in this position, I worked as the director of numerous national and international projects. I prepared numerous publications, books and presentations related to apiculture. Once you’re amazed by bees, you get addicted to their big world and can never give up. As I escaped from daily hassles, work stress and habits of big city life, I found myself getting closer to bees. Maybe this was the gateway for me that helped me return to nature and discover my own self. Bees had become such a big part of my life that even my father was aspired to start beekeeping after the age of 60.


Because I really loved my job I always worked with so much self-sacrifice. But your quest for new things in life never ends and I always had the urge to try new things in my life. And right at that moment I was taken by Asli’s idea, her enthusiasm and excitement. Even though it sounded so scary to get out of my confidence zone and even though the zone itself seemed so safe, I wanted give it a chance.


Of course I had so much faith in this business when we first started out but I had some concerns as to how the contracted-based production model, which was going to be a first in the beekeeping world, would be perceived by beekeepers. And after our initial meetings, all these question marks vanished from my head. All beekeepers we met seemed to have faith in this business and now with this business model we are able to see the real source of our products and how they are produced.

And the first orders we received came from the people around us who knew our story. And everyone who knew and trusted in us, allowed us to enter their lives with our products as well...This process that started with our close circle spread out farther over time...After as short as six months, I read a message on my computer screen and it was an order for a box of royal jelly, honey and propolis mix. And there was a note under the message “Yours is a story spread around with word-of-mouth, I hope it doesn’t remain as an urban legend, and you’d be a cure for us too”...Another customer of ours said that when he first tasted our honey it tasted exactly like the honey he ate in his childhood and he was so thankful to us for that. And all these notes and messages showed that we were on the right path and was our source of courage for the new steps we were to take...they still are...

Prof. Dr. Dilek BOYACIOGLU

Since my childhood I’ve always been attracted to the unknown and I was always drawn to mystery. Without curiosity world would continue to turn but it would probably go in vein. Be it science, or philosophy or art, they all move forward with the driving force of curiosity. And what set the direction of my life was this; the desire to discover unknown and learn.



I worked as a lecturer at School of Food Engineering of Istanbul Technical University for many years. My life was all about my students and research projects. It was a source of joy for me to try to understand food, which feeds the whole world, and to make new discoveries. So I always loved my job and I educated qualified and well-equipped individuals who are now experts in food engineering working all across the world, and I paved the way for them. And one of my students became my partner years later.

And with the happy-ending story of Asli who has many years of experience in food industry, a new window was opened for me, and of course within the scientific context...With the goal of bringing to life, innovative bee products based on science Asli and I founded SBS Scientific Bio Solutions Company. It was an opportunity for me to turn my many years of experience and knowledge in this area into natural and healthy products. We aimed to obtain other products (such as propolis, royal jelly, pollen) apart from honey from the hive and we started researching at our new laboratories at ITU Ari Teknokent, these new products that enhance the immune system and we’ve been working on it for the last 3 years. We’re working on different aspects of the business ranging from beekeeper trainings to R&D. And as we proceed, we see and hear that our products have made a difference in people’s lives. Honestly we are proud with this achievement but most valuable of all is presenting to our consumers, the bee products with hidden miracles in their purest form.



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