Propolis Raw Honey

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  • 100% Natural
  • Biologically Active (Health benefits are preserved)
  • Min. 2,000 mg/kg Antioxidant Content
  • Fair Trade
  • Best Quality on the market
  • From the hive to your table
  • Kosher Certified
  • Halal Certified
  • Immune Support
  • Antibacterial
  • Propolis Raw Honey 6.7 oz

Immune Support

Improves the Number of Healthy Cells in the Body


Rich in Antioxidants, Especially High CAPE Content


Sustained Vitality and Body Balance


Contracted Beekeeping. Eco-friendly, Traceable and Fair Trade

Raw & Real

Harvested from an Endemic Biodiversity Hotspot. Straight from Our Hives to Your Table

Product Details

Imagine, you’re the owner of a factory with dozens of workers in it and you’re producing something that is as precious as gold and is needed by everyone...What would you do to establish this factory, to make it more powerful and to defend it against enemies?

For bees, that factory is the hive. And they produce a 100% natural product called propolis to protect the hive, which is both their living and production space.

Propolis which is a resin-like substance collected by bees from the stems, leaves and buds of plants, serves numerous purposes including filling the cracks on the hive, to fight harmful life form that can’t be thrown out of the hive and to reinforce the hive structure. 

Propolis which bees produce to defend themselves, their hives and their offspring is also the name for thousands of miracles. Propolis, the main purpose of which is to maintain the antiseptic environment inside the hive, exerts a similar affect in human body as well. 

The word propolis is reputed to have been coined by Aristotle, from Greek words "pro" (before" and "polis" (city), meaning "Before the City" or "Defender of the City". Propolis is as old as honey, and it has been used by people for ages. The ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians were aware of the healing properties of propolis and made extensive use of it as a medicine.

Honey used in this product is 100% natural and raw (unpasteurized and unfiltered) with all of its natural nutrients directly from the hive, from numerous wild flower species growing at high altitudes of Anatolia.

With BEE & YOU Propolis Raw Honey Mix, a quality life made possible with good health is no longer a dream! The nutritious properties of propolis and honey, which reaches the final consumer in its purest form without going through any pretreatment, is offered in an easy-to-consume consistency!

We stand behind our product and guarantee your satisfaction!

- Boosts the Immune System

  • Premium Quality

BEE & YOU naturally protects you and your beloved ones with its biologically active bee products with utmost respect to the bee world.

  • 100% Natural & Pure

Simple mixture of propolis and raw honey. No colorants, no additives!

  • Unique Taste

This product is the best way to consume propolis daily with its unique natural taste.

  • Antioxidant

BEE & YOU Propolis Raw Honey is guaranteed to contain at least 2,000 mg/kg antioxidant.

  • Healthy Nutrition for Breakfast

Setting you up for the day with a healthy breakfast, will make you feel good.

  • Assured Product Quality

Product quality is assured by enforcing appropriate beekeeping practices at all steps of production in the apiary.

  • Assured Food Safety

In addition, our products are subjected to relevant laboratory analyses to ensure their purity, biological activity levels and compliance with food safety standards.

  • How to consume?

It can be consumed directly, or mixed with food and drinks such as tea, milk, muesli, yoghurt, fruit juice, smoothie of your choice. You can also spread it on toasts.

It is suggested to consume regularly at least a full teaspoon in the mornings, 15-20 minutes before the breakfast.

  • The Benefits of Propolis

-Intake of propolis may reduce the risk for the emergence of cancer
-Propolis may improve gut health, digestion and immunity

Ingredients: Raw Honey (98.5%), Propolis Extract (1.5%)
Net Wt: 6.7 oz.(190g)
Storage Conditions: Room temperature (Approx. 22 °C / 72 °F)
Shelf Life: 36 months


Customer Reviews

    • kezyboon

      it was a product that came across me by chance

    • sergio

      This is a good product, I had a blister that went away within 36 hours of using the product.

    • lydia

      i would suggest this product to anyone that has a compromised immune tem and likes homeopathic remedies. it got rid of the infection in half the time antibiotic cream takes. just be warned, it stains clothes.

    • emilly

      Love it!

    • reanne

      i have been buying the raw honey, and because of all the health benefits, i wanted to try this. i really didnt want to pay the price, as it cost quite a bit more than plain raw honey. finally i tried this....and then i was hooked this is the best honey i think i have ever eaten. it far surpasses plain raw honey in taste, and i really like the texture or mouth feel . oh it is soooo good. though it costs more.... i just ordered 1 jar more, and hope to be able to keep buying it... no sense of looking any further.

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