Propolis Pistachio Raw Honey Spread

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  • 100% Natural
  • Biologically Active (Health benefits are preserved)
  • Min. 1,200 mg/kg Antioxidant Content
  • Fair Trade
  • Immune Booster Healthy Snack
  • From the hive to your table
  • Kosher Certified
  • Halal Certified
  • No Added Sugar
  • Post Workout Nutrition
  • Propolis Pistachios Raw Honey 6.3 oz

Product Details

Throughout the day, we frequently resort to snacks, either to make-up for a missed meal or just for pleasure in between meals. And we don’t care at all, about how healthy what we eat is in that pace...

What about snacks that are as zesty as your diligently prepared dinner and healthy at the same time? And imagine that being totally natural...

Pistachio is a nutrient-dense nut with a hearth healthy fatty-acid profile as well as protein, dietary fiber, potassium, magnesium, Vitamin K and Vitamin E.

Originally cultivated in Mediterranean and Anatolia, roasted chickpeas are prized for their high protein and fiber content and also contain several key vitamins and minerals known to benefit human nutrition.

Honey bees collect propolis from plants, for protecting larvae and themselves against microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, fungus) and they use it as a source of disinfectant in the hive.

It’s no longer a fantasy! Packing nutritious value of pistachio, roasted chickpeas, raw honey and propolis in a single jar, BEE & YOU Propolis Pistachios Raw Honey Spread is both very healthy and is as delicious as you can imagine! It can be for breakfast, or to get more energy in between meals, or to curb your craving for desserts naturally, or for mothers looking for healthy sweet alternatives for their kids! BEE & YOU Propolis Pistachios Raw Honey Spread is here to help you keep a healthy and balanced diet and flavor at the same time in your life!

We stand behind our product and guarantee your satisfaction!

- Good source of Protein, Fiber and Healthy fats

- Packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals 

- Great Healthy Snack Alternative 

- No added sugar, fat, chemicals, preservatives or additives 

  • Premium Quality

BEE & YOU naturally protects you and your beloved ones with its biologically active bee products with utmost respect to the bee world.

  • Unique Taste

Unique pistachio taste from Anatolia, plus easy to consume regularly

  • 100% Natural & Pure

Simple mixture of propolis, pistachios, roasted chickpeas and raw honey. No colorants, no additives!

  • Antioxidant

BEE & YOU Propolis Pistachios Raw Honey is guaranteed to contain at least 1,200 mg/kg antioxidant

  • Calcium

Natural calcium content is min. 330 mg/kg

  • Healthy Nutrition for Breakfast

Spreadable and easy to consume.

  • Assured Product Quality

Product quality is assured by enforcing appropriate beekeeping practices at all steps of production in the apiary

  • Assured Food Safety

In addition, our products are subjected to relevant laboratory analyses to ensure their purity, biological activity levels and compliance with food safety standards

  • How to consume?

It can be consumed directly, with a piece of bread, pancake, biscuit or mixed with food such as milk, muesli, yoghurt or smoothie of your choice.

Try this amazing taste before or after exercise to improve your physical performance and see the difference!

  • The Benefits of Propolis

-Intake of propolis may reduce the risk for the emergence of cancer
-Propolis may improve gut health, digestion and immunity

Ingredients: Raw Honey, Pistachios (20%), Propolis (1%)
Net Wt: 6.3 oz.(180g)
Storage Conditions: Room temperature (Approx. 22 °C / 72 °F)
Shelf Life: 36 months


Customer Reviews

    • katiaay

       I would recommend it to everyone

    • allyson

      The pistachio propolis I bought for my son is giving a spoon every morning on an empty stomach.

    • abramm

      Propolis Pistachio Raw Honey Spread: my most favorite spread out there

    • brucee

      We recommnd it to everyone for your peace of mind. Grab a spoon and dive in!

    • danny

      birthday present for my best friend. she inhales this stuff

    • veronica

      It is a unbelievable taste!!! Never trued nothing before. I really like it would buy again! Strongly recommend

    • diddy

      great stuff. its the pistachio version of nutella, only way better. i used it to boost the flavor in homemade pistachio gelato. you only need very little. next up, on grilled italian bread.

    • barbara

      taste wise: this is wonderful b/c it actually tastes like pistachios.

    • bridget

      Turkish pistachio. Nice delicios. It may be little liquidy but it is ok.

    • johnny

      if youve ever tasted the magical things sicilian pastry shops do with the local variety of pistachio (bronte) this stuff brings the flavor. if youre looking for something that tastes like american pistachios this isnt it, but in this case, thats a good thing

    • cercie

      i bought this for my husband who is a big fan of nutella. he loves pistacchio, so this was a perfect product for him. its delicious on crackers and simple cookies like shortbread. you can also see real pistachios inside. it is also all natural. thank you good product.

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